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The Division 2 Preps For First Free Episode

The first of three free episodes to hit The Division 2 has been outlined in an official statement. This extra content is due to add a number of new features to the game, and is expected to launch on July 23rd.

DC Outskirts: Expeditions takes place away from Washington’s heart, and includes Expeditions and two new missions, along with a number of new weapons and gear.

The update starts where the final boss left off in the standard game’s storyline, and sees you taking the fight to the presidential complex. That is, in Mission One – Camp White Oak – you’ll be fighting against President Ellis (of no relation to this writer, honest!) who is not working in the country’s best interests.

Meanwhile, in Mission 2, you will be raiding Manning National Zoo in pursuit of a bad guy who’s using the place as a hideout.

Elsewhere, in the first instalment of Expeditions, you’re tasked with scouting Kenly College in search of any lost convoy survivors. But future editions will comprise of different themes and will release weekly. Successfully complete each of the three expeditions and you’ll gain access to an exclusive treasure room.

Year 1 pass holders will also gain access to two new top secret assignments, which take place at an NSA venue and local aquarium.

And then we get to the weapons; the Diamondback Rifle exotic weapon, the BTSU Datagloves exotic gear, and the Stoner LMG and Carbine 7 weapons are all included in this upcoming update, along with a number of fixes to the weapon and crafting system.

Finally, the tough Operation Dark Hours raid will be made less difficult through an easier mode.

Year 1 pass holders will gain access to the update one week before the rest; it will launch exclusively on July 23rd and enjoy a normal release on July 30th. Play at will!

Source: Polygon

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