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The Division 2 PS4 Physical Version Requires Giant 90GB Download

If you have already pre-ordered the physical version of Ubisoft’s The Division 2, be prepared to sit around and wait for a massive download on day one. The publisher has confirmed that owners of the physical version of The Division 2 on PS4 will need to download a very hefty 90GB update before they can start playing, much to the dismay of players.

Ubisoft has stated that Title Update 1, which is required before playing the game, will be between 88-92GB, depending on your region. The discrepancy is for different language files and such. The game on the disc itself is around 90GB, too, so you’re essentially download the full game again. It’s a poor show from Ubisoft but it’s now par-for-the-course these days, unfortunately.

There’s also Title Update 1.5 which will be downloadable from March 11th. Thankfully this one is only 2GB in size, and according to Ubisoft it fixes some audio problems that cropped up during the game’s recent Open Beta.

While it’s become expected, it doesn’t make it right. I feel for those who are still rocking a default 500GB PS4 hard drive – no doubt some players will have to sacrifice a game or two to the gaming gods in order to get The Division 2 to fit on their console. Maybe it’s time to finally upgrade that hard drive? Here’s a trusty external drive that I can recommend.

Source: Ubisoft

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