The Division Receives Free Update 1.7 Tomorrow

Free DLC is the best kind, and everyone who owns The Division will be receiving the first chunk of free content for Year 2 when the PSN store updates tomorrow. Update 1.7 will begin on August 15th with its first Global Event. Dubbed Outbreak (no word on whether Dustin Hoffman or the angry monkey are included), the event will allow players to complete a series of goals within a specified time for rewards. If you want a little more challenge, there are other modifiers that will increase the difficulty, but give you more in return.

There will also be other in-game tasks that will reward you with Commendations. This is the new name for Feats, and it is another way for you to receive rewards for reaching milestones in the game.

Loot boxes (quickly becoming a phenomenon) are also making an appearance in the form of Encrypted Caches. These randomized goodie boxes will have customization items and can be opened with found keys or premium credits. We are not sure how many keys are in the universe, but we are hoping they are plentiful.

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Speaking of ways to makeover your character, new gear is coming. Classified Gear is more powerful than your normal (declassified?) gear, and it will come with new bonuses. There will be multiple sets, and we can only hope for someone to model them coming down the stairs of a bombed out building like the scene from She’s All That. That would be so military chic.

Check out the trailer for additional details and prepare to download it tomorrow.



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