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The E3 2016 Hype Train is Already Choo-Chooing With Massive Horizon: Zero Dawn Ad in Los Angeles

E3 2016 is just around the corner and we’re expecting to hear, see, smell and lick just about every new announcement, old announcement dressed up as new and everything else.

It’s still a few weeks away, mind, but that hasn’t stopped the marketing people going all-out already. Over in Los Angeles there’s a massive Horizon: Zero Dawn poster adorning a city building that’ll probably turn a few heads, what with its massive mech-dino and all that.

Horizon: Zero Dawn will most likely be present during Sony’s E3 press conference and we’re hoping it’ll also be available as a playable demo on the show floor, too. There were a few rumours a while back that the game wouldn’t see a release this year and would release next year instead of 2016, though we’ve not heard anything official from Sony. Perhaps we’ll get some clarification at E3 2016? Perhaps we’ll also find out if the PS4 Neo is real? Perhaps we’ll see Crash Bandicoot make a return? We’ll just have to wait and see.

horizon zero dawn poster

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