The European Union Approves Microsoft’s Buy-out of Bethesda

Microsoft can nearly call themselves the new owners of ZeniMax Media – parent company to Bethesda – after the buy-out received the green light from the European Union. However, even with 7.5 billion dollars on the table, there are a few final steps to go yet. It really isn’t anything like a bid on Ebay, is it?

The antitrust regulator for the European Union have approved Microsoft’s purchase of ZeniMax Media – aka, Bethesda’s parent company – meaning the deal is nearly done. But the future of all their famous IPs remains in question until the contracts have been signed and the ink dried. For now, we can only celebrate this small milestone.

And it’s not much of a small milestone, either, so please pardon my choice of wording. That’s because it has been deemed not to break any competition law, which is a big hurdle when it comes to these acquisitions. It’s an area of the law that is tasked with protecting the market from damaging takeovers that could potentially lock out everyone else. So, with that out of the way, it should be pretty plain sailing from here on out.

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If only we had some inkling what was coming next. You see, it’s easy to name Bethesda’s games. But we’re still unsure whether we’ll see any of them again on the PlayStation. *sniff, sniff*

In all seriousness, it’s very unlikely Microsoft will make them exclusive to their consoles. That would be financially damaging and overly restrictive. However, until anything concrete is shared with us, we’re left speculating over the future – and probably getting a lot wrong in the process. But there is a reveal scheduled for March (apparently), so it shouldn’t be too long until we know the truth.

Source: VGC

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