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The Final Fantasy VII Remake Has Gone Gold

It has taken a while to get here. And let’s not mention the delay. But Final Fantasy VII has finally gone gold. That means, unless a terrible and unforeseen event takes place, the highly anticipated game will launch in little over a month’s time – some 23 years after the original.

However, this is only the first part of a double release. So, who knows how many years will have passed between the original and completed remade saga.

During an interview with a Japanese media outlet, Tetsuya Nomura told the reporter that they had needed some extra time to fine tune the game. But all that effort had paid off and it’s only good news from here one out. He said:

“Yes, it’s all right now.

“We needed a little more time for some of the last quality improvements, but it has already gone gold and there won’t be any further delays.”

Which is music to every Final Fantasy Fan’s ears.

For those of you who may not be bilingual in gaming jargon, ‘gone gold’ refers to the milestone event of the final game being pressed on to disc. From now on, no physical copy of Final Fantasy VII can be altered. Although, the code can still be changed and the revisions added to all versions in a day one patch. But considering the size of the game, I think everyone is hoping for a quick start. So, here’s hoping there aren’t too many changes to make or bugs to fix.

For those of you who are interested, the free demo recently went live. And if you’re not afraid of a few spoilers – or losing a bit of the ‘going into a game blind’ magic – there are numerous demo reviews available online. I’ll warn you now, though, they’re quite mixed, with gamers either declaring the remake a 10/10 masterpiece or a reimagining of the original that is missing a certain something.

But if you have given the demo a go, why not share with us your views. And maybe we can reach a consensus, of sorts.

Source: Siliconera

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