The Final Station Rolls Through the Apocalypse August 30th

Maybe not a mega apocalypse that was taken over by robots but in The Final Station you travel through a dying world on a train. Your job is to look after passengers you find, keep the train working, explore abandoned stations for supplies, and encounter survivors or enemies. Sometimes in order to do this you have to take chances by opening locked doors which can host dangers. You never know what’s behind them but you are usually always running out of supplies in this game. So you really need provisions throughout the entire journey.

One example given was using the last medkit on yourself can lead to a survivor on your train succumbing to their injuries. Don’t worry though, you can loot their bodies for a reward. Get them to their destination and the reward will be greater. The whole goal of The Final Station is survival and tactics. The announcement trailer below looks promising and we can’t wait until August 30th.

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