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The Game Awards 2018: No Man’s Sky Developer Announces New Game The Last Campfire

No Man’s Sky developer Hello Games has been very busy recently. The independent studio has been hard at work releasing numerous updates for No Man’s Sky since the game’s initial release, but it’s also been working on a brand new game, too.

The Last Campfire is Hello Games’ latest effort, and it actually looks pretty good. This time around, though, the developer has not gone too far off course with overly ambitious goals. Instead, The Last Campfire is, by the looks of it anyway, an adventure platformer with puzzles.

According to Hello Games’ Sean Murray, The Last Campfire has been in development for a few years and it was made by just two members of the team.

The Last Campfire has a release window of 2019, though there’s nothing else to go on right now. At the moment it’s not even clear if it will release on PS4 as the game’s website states that the platforms are still to be announced.

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