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The Hunt is Never-ending for Borderlands 3’s FL4K

The last vault hunter trailer is out today, and it shows us why we might want to fear AI after all. FL4K is an AI soldier roaming the wasteland, but it’s not alone. There are three animal companions who help to even any odds. The trailer shows this beastmaster commanding the pets, but each one has a different personality. The spiderant centurion likes to kill and shoot acid at anything with ill intent. It can also use a pincer or drill arm attack. The jabber sidekick wants approval, and it will give you bonus speed and extra firepower from its gun to get it.

The guard skag can grab cars (probably only inside the trailer) and use the gamma burst action skill. This skill allows you to teleport it to a target and release radiation. The skill can also be used to revive you. If you are close to your targets, the teeth, projectile vomit, and damage increases are a good reason to keep the guard skag as your companion.

We are only about a month away from being able to play the full game, but you can check out FL4K in action early. On August 14th, the Borderlands Twitch channel will be featuring FL4K starting at 3pm BST / 10am EST / 1pm PT.

It’s a good trailer to showcase what may be your personal avatar through Borderlands 3’s campaign. If you already have your vault hunter in mind, you can go to the Borderlands 3 site, pick a character, and start putting points into the skill tree builder. No matter which one you choose, you can start collecting guns and shooting bandits when Borderlands 3 launches on September 13th.

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