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The Inner World Console Edition and Sequel Launching This Year

Another mobile title is coming to the PlayStation 4 and this time it’s The Inner World. Studio Fizbin revealed the information via press release and console owners can expect the game to launch on March 31st, 2017. You play as Robert, a court musician, who lives a simple life in his home of Asposia. The magical world is encased in a mysterious hollow space and ventilated by the winds themselves. Unfortunately, there needs to be some type of conflict and those winds disappear without a trace. Through a series of events, Robert teams up with a thief named Laura to solve the vanishings and embarks on a puzzle filled adventure. All of which has been reworked to function properly on our controllers.

It was also announced that a sequel, The Inner World – The Last Wind Monk, will be made available this summer for nearly all platforms as well. You can check out the first entry’s original trailer above. The Inner World and its followup are developed by Studio Fizbin, published by Headup Games and released to mostly positive reviews back in 2013. If you’ve played the game already on PC or mobile device, let us know how it is in the comments below.

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