The Last Guardian Hits 60FPS on the PS5, But Only With A Disc

The Last Guardian Hits 60FPS on the PS5, But Only With A Disc

The Last Guardian is a much loved game of this generation. But now there’s a chance to play it with an even greater visual quality. That’s because the Playstation 5 and its backwards compatibility will allow you to hit a peak frame rate of 60. But, unfortunately, this won’t be true for everyone with a copy.

You see, this improvement is only available to those with a physical copy of The Last Guardian – a disc, in other words – as it depends entirely on the version you’re playing. With the disc, you are able to only install version 1.0, which is where the improvements can be found. And the reason is quite simple – all future updates locked the frame rate at 30. But when you download a digital copy, it is always the newest version available.

And they say physical is dead? Dead right, more like!

The trick was discovered by a YouTuber (name drop: NX Gamer) who tested the vanilla install. And later uncovered the fact that an unpatched version of The Last Guardian reaches twice the frame rates as that which is updated. That means, if 60FPS excites you, all you have to do is buy the game in physical form and install without downloading any of the updates. But that doesn’t help you win you already own a digital copy.

However, with this performance available, perhaps an update will be made available for all versions of the game that allow it to flex its muscles a bit more. Otherwise there’s going to be one heck of a rush for the disc version!

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