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The Last Of Us 2 In The Works?

Around a year ago the voice actor Nolan North, well renowned for voicing Nathan Drake in the Uncharted series and also David from The Last Of Us has revealed that Naughty Dog is working on The Last Of Us 2. Since then Naughty Dog has been primarily focused on Uncharted 4 and we haven’t really heard anything about The Last Of Us 2 and with no official announcement it’s being developed it might not be. An easter egg from the latest Uncharted game however has ignited some new hope.

Very minor spoiler from Uncharted 4 coming up in a second in relation to the previously mentioned easter egg, it’s nothing game changing but if you don’t want to see it then look away now. During the epilogue chapter of the game you may have seen a poster entitled ‘The Last Of Us: American Daughters’ (below) featuring a pregnant woman out in the wilderness wearing a backpack and a gas mask and holding a revolver.

The last of us american daughters

The poster was created by Richard Lyons who posted it online accompanied with this caption, “The poster was created as an in game asset for Uncharted 4. Such a treat to work on. Also, I can’t elaborate on the narrative to this image.” If the poster was just some meaningless in game artwork then his last sentence would not be necessary, it is strongly implied there is a lot more to this picture.

Now that’s covered lets get into the theories. First up is a potential leap into the future where the game’s main protagonist would be Ellie who… yes yes of course Ellie wouldn’t need a gas mask but maybe it’s to protect her unborn child? Is Ellie even the type of character that would have a child in such times?

Theory number 2 is a jump in the opposite direction, the woman could in fact be Anna, Ellie’s mother. Anna is only ever mentioned by name in the first game and never seen, could we be looking at a prequel to the story of Joel and Ellie? Perhaps some insight into how Ellie became immune to the infection.

Finally we can’t ignore the ‘Presented To You By Dark Horse Comics’ written at the bottom. Maybe this poster isn’t a hint at the second game in the series but perhaps instead a reference to the comic books. It’s also a possibility this is a cruel joke from Naughty Dog and they aren’t actually doing anything further with The Last Of Us franchise. Regardless, it has wondering and discussing all of the potential meanings. Head down to the comments and let us know what you think is going on.

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