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The Last of Us 2 Release Date Might Be Revealed This Week With a New Trailer

Rumours usually start to fly around this time of year, otherwise known as pre-E3 season. Except this year is a little different as Sony won’t even be at E3. Typical. The one year we’re actually going to be there, Sony decides it’s not worth turning up. Sods.

The latest rumours coming from a couple of Spanish gaming sites are that Naughty Dog and Sony are preparing to reveal the release date for The Last of Us 2. Or Part II. I prefer ‘2’. It’s much more SEO-friendly.

According to the reports, both sites are claiming that sources within Sony have confirmed that a brand new trailer will be released this week and that we’ll learn the release date for the upcoming sequel. Considering that Sony isn’t at this year’s E3, it stands to reason that the platform holder will still want to grab a few headlines and steal some of the focus away from those who are at E3 2019.

Previous rumours from fairly credible sources have pegged The Last of Us 2 to release in 2019. I guess we’ll find out this week whether any of these rumours are true or not.

There’s also a new trailer coming this week for Kojima’s Death Stranding. Could we about to get a few release dates and trailers for the rest of Sony’s PS4-era exclusives before the PS5 drops? Maybe. Just maybe.

Source: Gamesreactor, Legion de Jugadores

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