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The Last of Us 2 Will Be Shown Off Again During Next Week’s State of Play

Naughty Dog has confirmed today that its upcoming The Last of Us: Part II will indeed have a presence during next week’s State of Play broadcast, ending the rampant speculation. Thank bloody Christ. I’ve been sick of hearing the rumours, so it’s nice to put an end to them now.

The announcement comes from Naughty Dog’s official Twitter account where the studio posted a short video that shows absolutely nothing. No, really, it’s just a knife for 19 seconds and some moody atmospheric sounds playing in the background. Oh, and it says at the very bottom that it’ll be a part of the next State of Play episode. Here, have a look for yourself:

What could it be? A new trailer? Some gameplay footage? 10 minutes of pretentious talk about feelings and other nonsense? Fingers crossed it’s not the latter…

Source: Twitter

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