The Last of Us Part 2 Is the Most Ambitious Game Naughty Dog Has Made

The last of us part 2

I don’t think anyone is expecting to be disappointed by The Last of Us Part 2. But just in case you were wondering how amazing the game is going to be, Neil Druckmann may have the words to assure you. In his opinion, as director of the team, this is the most ambitious game they’ve worked on. But despite that ambition, they’ve still actually managed to achieve it. They’ve shot for the stars and actually landed on one!

That’s no easy feat, especially when less ambitious games usually launch as disappointments – failing to meet our expectations or match their own marketing hype. But then again, this is a studio who have a strong track record. So, was it ever in doubt – surely it’s always bigger and better when it comes to Naughty Dog?

A video was released on to YouTube earlier in the week to announce the project’s completion. But the footage relayed so much more than a simple, “we’re done”. Instead, Druckmann failed to hide his enthusiasm/joy as he shared the news with viewers. And went on to praise the monumental efforts of all who’ve made The Last of Us Part 2 a reality.

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“I want to congratulate the team who has pulled off the most ambitious game we’ve ever made,” he said.

“I know I’ve said this before, but you won’t know to what degree until you get your hands on it, and see the care that’s gone into every detail, from the level design to the mechanics… Graphically, how the game looks… Environments, art direction, characters, story, the audio design, the soundtrack – oh my god, the soundtrack is so amazing!”

But that’s not all.

The emotional power of the storyline was then alluded to, whereby Druckmann admitted to being in tears at its end – despite already having completed numerous playthroughs during its development. So, you might want to keep a kleenex spare for its release. Or maybe even a box. *Sniff-sniff*

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