The Last of Us Part 2 Media Event Could Be a 3 Hour Preview

Not so long ago, we reported that Naughty Dog had planned an exclusive media event for the end of this month to show off some more footage from The Last of Us Part 2. But that might have been an understatement if recent rumours are anything to go on because those lucky journalists might be getting a three hour, hands on preview.

Not bad for a day’s work, right?

The speculation comes from @ZhugeEX, who is held in high regard when it comes to rumours and the like. They state, on Twitter, that the event will include a few hours of showcasing – which is likely to be a mix of new footage and controller-in-the-hand gaming. But don’t expect them to kiss and tell.

Unfortunately, the media who are lucky enough to receive an invite are more than likely going to be bound by a non disclosure agreement. At least for some of the content their eyes are privvy too, or until a certain date is reached. In the meantime, we’ll have to be satisfied by the dribs and drabs they are allowed to feed us.

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Now, we did have an inkling that this event was going to be more than simple Q&A preview. Partly because it isn’t being staged at one of the popular gaming exhibitions. But fans have one final prediction to make about what the developer has planned for September 24th. And it’s a big ‘un.

According to the masses, Naughty Dog have news inbound of multiplayer capability – which is what will actually be on show. And that will include an upcoming Beta for the wider community. Obviously this is just hearsay, for now, but there are many people who are adamant they’ve got it sussed out.

Saying that, we think most fans will be satisfied with news of a release date.

Are you busy forging your media credentials in an attempt to crash the party? Will The Last of Us Part 2 complete you? Sneak up on us with a comment below.

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