The Last Of Us TV Adaptation Snags Even More Talent From The Game

The Last of Us

Not too long ago, I announced that The Last Of Us was getting a TV series over on HBO. And it would be developed by a few industry veterans. Well, today we have found out that the original composer from the landmark game will also be involved – taking control of its soundtrack. Obviously…

Neil Druckmann confirmed the news over on Twitter, stating that Gustavo Santaolalla will be a crucial part of the new project. But that is hardly surprising considering the great job he did with building the ambience for The Last Of Us Part 1, and subsequently Part 2 – even if that praise is a little premature. Let’s just say, I’m sure its worthy.

You can find the entire Tweet embedded below, though that is the gist of it. However, our conversation needn’t end there.

After all, the Tweet does form the first nugget of real information that we’ve received about this planned series. Coming after news that Neil Druckmann himself (of Naughty Dog fame) will be taking joint control of the helm, probably to keep a close eye on how the assets are manipulated and used for the small screen. And providing us with a glimpse of just how seriously they’re taking this – bringing in personnel that have not only proven themselves in the industry but have a sound, working knowledge of the IP. That will undoubtedly prove invaluable when we finally see the finished article.

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And that will probably result in it receiving as much critical acclaim/awards as the game. If that’s possible…

So, taking all that into account, are you excited? Or do you think a big part of its success was how immersed we were in their story as a player, not as a viewer?

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