The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV Releasing October 27th

In case you missed it during the flurry of news from the New Game Plus Expo yesterday, Trails of Cold Steel IV is releasing October 27th. The announcement accompanied a new trailer showing a former instructor who seems to have gone down the path to full emo with his whispers of killing them all and taking back everything he’s lost. He’s a guy in pain, and that’s what the heroes tell him as they arrive to stop him.

The story will tie back to the events in the third game. War is coming to the Erebonian Empire, and the members of Class VII will have to summon the courage given to all plucky anime characters to oppose the empire. To make that job more difficult, the trainer and hero Rean Schwazer is missing, so they will be joining forces with other groups to have a chance at success.

This iteration of the series is bigger and will have many improvements. The heroes will include members of Class VII, Crossbell Special Support Section, and Liberl for the largest collection of heroes yet. Combat is also changed with the ability to summon a giant mech, new Lost Arts, and orbal magic. When your heroes aren’t being heroic, they can relax with mini-games such as blackjack, poker, Vantage Master, and fishing games.

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Check out the trailer for The Legend of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel IV for a look at the characters, gameplay, and a woman who shoots heart arrows out of a gun. (If that doesn’t sell you, you’re beyond my help.) If you want to get caught up with the series, and you managed to buy a PS Now subscription during the recent sale, you can stream the first and second games. You’ll still have to play the third entry, but you should have enough time before part IV releases on October 27th.

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