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The Lost Child Gameplay Trailer Shows Old-School, Dungeon Crawling

After seeing trailers about astrals and gods, we have a new gameplay trailer for The Lost Child. It fully confirms that old-school, delicious dungeon crawling is where you will be spending your time. They even have an on-screen map that populates little icons showing your discoveries. It looks as if you can see it in the top right corner or have it superimposed in the middle of the screen.

Turn-based combat with elemental weaknesses makes an appearance as well. Love your stats and numbers? There is a message bar that shows attacks and damage. Along with HP and MP, there are also eight stats that can be improved individually with bonus points. We are not sure if you gain points by leveling up, but this gives you more control over your characters.

Fighting and capturing astrals are not the only challenges in the dungeon. Puzzles need to be solved to progress further. The gameplay trailer shows there are switches to open locked doors. The locked treasure chests also have to be opened.

When you are not exploring the depths of a monster-filled dungeon, you will be trying to understand the cause of mysterious suicides in Tokyo. As an occult journalist, Hayato Ibuki, will receive a gun that can capture angels and demons. He will need to fight these creatures, discover why he was chosen, and maybe save the world.

The Lost Child will be available on the PS4 and the PS Vita on June 19th in the US and June 22nd in the EU.

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