The Martian VR Experience Coming to PSVR This Month, Trailer Released

Wow, we didn’t see this one on the horizon: Martian, the hit film starring Matt Damon, is getting a PSVR experience on PS4. No, we didn’t see it coming either.

Sony/Fox have released a brand new trailer for PSVR game-but-not-really a game and it actually doesn’t look too bad. Obviously the graphics aren’t much to write back to Earth about, but the general look of the game-but-not-really a game has us intrigued. Naturally, then, we’ll be giving this one a go as soon as possible.

We’ve long wondered what PSVR could be used for outside of traditional games and this looks like it could be a viable thing going forward; experiences that aren’t traditional video games in the true sense, but interactive experiences that you’d never be able to experience without the PSVR. Count us in, lads.

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