The Next Battlefield Game Will Deploy All Kitted Out For the PS5’s and its Power

EA has started to talk about the next Battlefield game again. And this time they’re talking BIG. That’s because they have promised a game that takes full advantage of the PlayStation 5, right from your initial deployment. This is to be expected, to an extent, as we move into the “Next Generation”. But it’s still nice to hear from a company who promises to push it to the max.

After all, with all this cross generation going on, it would be very easy to say they’re having to take it slow. But with all the promises and then the reality of Cyberpunk 2077, maybe we should still be cautious in our excitement.

The news came via their latest conference call, during which they also stated a reveal would happen this Spring – in case you were worried about a delay. But the talking point is definitely the fact that maps will be bigger and busier than ever before. Or as they put it, the game “takes all the destruction, player agency, vehicle and weapon combat that the franchise is known for and elevates it to another level.” 

Otherwise, all we know of this next shooter is it will be a return of “all out military warfare”, which really narrows things down…

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The community isn’t short of ideas, mind you. Especially after the disappointments they’ve suffered at the last few launches. Let’s just hope EA have learned the lessons, though. Otherwise it will be another Battlefield game stuck in the past, despite having a modern setting.

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