The Next Dying 2 Know Episode for Dying Light 2 is July 1st

Techland is going all-in on Dying Light 2: Stay Human, and the developer is putting together a short series of ‘shows’ that gradually reveal more about the game. When is the next Dying 2 Know episode?

Dying Light 2: Stay Human developer Techland has sent over a little tease that, honestly, scared the socks off of me. I had my volume all the way up and I wasn’t expecting the creepy noise…

The clip, which you can watch at the bottom of this piece, reveals that the next Dying 2 Know event will go live on July 1st at 9pm CEST/8pm GMT.

The presser also had a cryptic note along with it. Have a read:

Night is coming, and with it the nightmares, who hide in their nests during the day, awaken.

It’s a chance for us to get supplies to restore the remnants of hope in the hearts of the few loved ones we have, and grow our lives on the rooftops.

But before you hit the streets, you need to know what’s hiding in the darkness.

The reward is high, but the price you will pay if you stay in the dark for too long will be even higher.

Good luck and remember to Stay Human!

– Techland

Obviously this is about the night time being the most dangerous for players as that’s when the biggest and meanest of monsters come out to play.

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Dying Light 2 releases December 7th for PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. In the meantime, you can get some preparation done for the sequel by playing the first game, which is still getting updates all these years after release. Amazing.

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