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The Next God of War Game Will Stick With Norse Mythology

Sony Santa Monica, the studio behind the upcoming God of War for PS4, is already eyeing up the future for Kratos and the inevitable sequels.

Speaking with Indonesian YouTube channel JatReview, Sony Santa Monica’s Aaron Kaufman stated that the studio is looking to keep future games in the same setting with Norse mythology providing the backdrop to Kratos’ killing sprees. It was also revealed that the studio wants to explore the relationship between Kratos and his child.

While it’s interesting to know that the studio is looking to go in that direction, it’s a bit of a spoiler, innit? Like, we now know that Kratos’ kid isn’t going to be kicked to death by some Norse god and that he will be in the follow-ups. Oh, and the fact that we now know the setting of the next game is a little disappointing, right? Does nobody appreciate the mystery any more?

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