The Next Hitman Elusive Target Is The Warlord

You now have less than 168 hours to find the newest elusive target in Hitman and eliminate her. Adeze Oijofor is known as “The Warlord” (which we cannot hear without thinking of this old gem from SNL in 1992), and she is the head of a powerful legitimate business as well as running militant groups in Africa. You have been tasked to end her in Bangkok and secure some maps and digital files.

As with all the Elusive Target missions, she will only be available for a limited time, and you only have one chance to succeed. Your information will be more limited than normal, and it will be more difficult. You will also need to own Episode 4 in order to participate.

The Hitman franchise has continued to put out the Elusive Targets, and it seems like they are intent on supporting the franchise with additional content into Season 2.

How has your experience been with the additional content? Would you like more games to go this route? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.


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