The Omi Alliance is Looking Tough in New Screenshots From Yakuza: Like A Dragon

It’s no secret that we are big fans of the Yakuza franchise, so, when I saw that new character pictures and info were released, I had to check them out. They show three characters from the Omi Alliance, a gang of Yakuza that has been trouble in the past. For a little history, the Omi Alliance took over Kamurocho after the fall of the Tojo Clan. Before that, they ran the entertainment district of Sotenbori in Osaka. You can’t stay angry at them, because what would the games be without some troublemakers to stir up Kamurocho.

Reiji Oshioda is the first dangerous member of the Omi Alliance. He is described as “a violent yakuza known for his daring behavior, who takes what he wants through brute force”. I’m not sure how we distinguish between him and the others with those same qualities, but he does appear to be wearing sunglasses inside. He gives no effs.

The second is a former athlete. Yousuke Tendou was a pro boxer, but a scandal dragged him down into the world of crime. Based on the picture of him happily holding a glass, he doesn’t seem to be broken up about his employment change, but I’m hoping we’ll dig into his past a bit more in the game. The final character is Mitsuo “Mitsu” Yasumura. He has worked for the Arakawa family since before they switched from the Tojo Clan to the Omi Alliance. When they were with the Tojo Clan, he was a brother to Ichiban Kasuga. Will there be some inner conflict?

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Yakuza: Like A Dragon releases in Japan this January, and it will hit other shores sometime later next year. It’s going to be a big departure with turn-based battles and a new pair of protagonists. As one of our favorite franchises, we’ll be watching this one carefully. Until we know more, check out the character shots as we wait to dive back into the Japanese criminal underworld.

Reiji Oshioda


Yousoke Tendou

Mitsuo Yasumura


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