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The Order: 1886 Developer Will Announce its New Game Next Week

Remember a few weeks back when we told you that GameStop had signed up a few notable developers to its new publishing program, GameTrust? No? Well it wasn’t that big of a deal, though the names under the GameTrust banner did spark a few conversations here at Pure PlayStation.

Insomniac Games and Ready at Dawn were announced as being partnered with the program, and we’ll soon know what the latter is working on. In its latest quarterly earnings call, GameStop Chief Tony Bartel stated that “next week, we will be announcing our second game under development, with Ready at Dawn.”

Ready at Dawn most famously brought us the Marmite The Order: 1886 for the PS4, though we don’t think it’ll be a sequel as Sony holds the rights to that intellectual property. It’s most likely we’ll see a brand new property that’s a little smaller in scale than the ambitious The Order: 1886. We’ll be keeping an eye out for what the studio is working on, so be sure to keep checking in with Pure PlayStation.

What do you want to see from Ready at Dawn? A VR game? An indie-style title? Or do you want big, extravagant graphical showcases like The Order? Let us know down in the comments section below.


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