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The Outer Worlds Could Have Been So Much More If It Wasn’t For Current-Gen Consoles

The Outer Worlds impressed us all when it launched last year. But apparently it could have been so much more. That’s because, according to a recent interview, the team were held back by the current hardware as it’s capability failed to match their aspirations. And as a result, the finished project launched nowhere near its potential.

It’s just lucky that you never felt short changed with the game, though. Otherwise these restrictions could have really hampered its reception and sales.

Apparently, a whole section of the Groundbreaker was lost from the build after the team decided to remove the interwoven loading screens from the area. However, by taking away these three “breathing spaces” – which are designed to allow the hardware to catch up with the action – they found the remaining single environment struggled to run as planned. Therefore, they had no choice other than to cut the level up. And, eventually, scrap it in parts. But there was also a more recurring issue that ran throughout the game.

That problem arose from their over-enthusiasm when it came to NPC creation, whereby they had too many non playable characters for the console to cope. As a result, a lot of these faces were erased from memory – sacrificed for greater art quality in the environment itself. And as The Outer Worlds designer, Brian Heins, said:

“It kind of breaks my heart a little bit, there’s not a lot of people moving around on Groundbreaker. And that was basically because when we got the art pass done and the lighting pass, we had to actually pull back on the number of actual characters on the Groundbreaker to fit on consoles because we just didn’t have the memory budget.”

These are issues that many believe will be banished to the past once the PlayStation 5 launches. But let’s not forget that new generations of technology bring with them new graphical targets (HD, UHD, 4K, 8K, etc). Therefore, this is most likely a problem that will be recurring for years to come yet. If only we were still making 8 or 16 bit games now – think of how good they’d run!

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