The Outer Worlds’ First Patch Drops Next Week

The Outer Worlds might just be the closest a game has ever been to being “bug free”, considering the lack of complaints that are circulating online compared to the rave reviews. But Obsidian have obviously found at least one thing that needs attention, or they wouldn’t be releasing this patch next week. Which also happens to be its first.

But what exactly does it fix?

Well, for starters, they’re increasing the text size – something that’s useful whether you’re almost as blind as a bat or just sat in the next postcode to your TV. And de-muffling the sound. The crashing issue in Tartarus has also been rectified. But they’ve definitely saved the biggest change for last. That being the stubborn “Not the Best Choice” trophy, which was failing to pop.

But not anymore because all trophies should now unlock without problem. Hopefully as part of your platinum achievement, though we don’t turn our nose up to a single bronzed beauty; every little helps, after all!

Finally, your companions shouldn’t die on you so much, compromising your side quest progress, whilst you should also be able to see the end to “Radio Free Monarch”.

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In all, the patch will rectify numerous issues with The Outer Worlds. But compared to other releases, there really isn’t that many bugs to squash. Congratulations, Obsidian, unless you’ve just managed to hide them well…

The complete patch notes, this far – at testing stage, can be found below. But the team are asking the community to report any further issues they may experience, so take note and send them a message when you can. Think of it as our challenge to you.

Resolved Issues:
•    The crashing issue in Tartarus
•    Increase Font Size – Conversations/Subtitles
•    Muffled sound effects occur at random times for players on the PS4
•    Companions dying and failing companion quests on modes other than Supernova
•    Unable to finish “Radio Free Monarch”  
•    Trophy “Not the Best Choice” fails to unlock properly

Source: Obsidian Forums

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