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The Outer Worlds Launch Trailer Lays the Blame on You

Ready for one last look at Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds before it releases next week? Of course you are, you greedy little swine. You can’t get enough of it, can you?

To celebrate the incoming release, Obsidian and Private Division have cooked up one last trailer ahead of the game’s launch on October 25th. It’s a decent trailer, too, with a couple of minutes of in-game footage and a bit of narration to set the tone of the game. I’m not on review duties for this one – Kyle is – but I didn’t see anything in the trailer that could be considered spoiler content, so you can watch with confidence.

The Outer Worlds has been the subject of controversy over the last couple of days due to misinformation about the game’s PS4 Pro support. All you need to know is that it does have enhancements for PS4 Pro. Yippee! Check back early next week for our PS4 review of The Outer Worlds. Until then, just keep watching the trailer on repeat. You won’t go insane. Probably.

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