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The Outer Worlds on PS4 Has an 18 GB Day-One Update

If you’re buying Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds on PS4 via the PlayStation Store, you won’t have to worry about the day-one update as it’ll be included as part of the game’s pre-load. If you’re an old-school player, though, and you’re dedicated to building out your physical collection, you’ll be in for a fat day-one update.

Obsidian has confirmed over on its official forums that the PS4 disc version of the game will have an 18 GB day-one update that the developer strongly suggests players install before playing the game. While 18 GB may seem like a big update, at least it’s not the 38 GB that our Xbox One brethren will have to get downloaded before they can play the game at its optimal conditions.

If you bought the game digitally and want to know when it unlocks, Obsidian has also covered that with a handy image that shows the unlock times for the game across the globe. It’ll be 00:00, October 25th for most of the world, with the exception for the US West Coast where the game will unlock at 21:00 on October 24th. Image is down below for your perusal, and don’t forget: the PS4 Pro version does have enhancements, contrary to previous reports.

Source: Obsidian

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