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The Outer Worlds WILL Be PS4 Pro Enhanced, Publisher Clarifies

There was a great uproar yesterday as it was revealed that Obsidian’s The Outer Worlds would not feature any enhancements for the PS4 Pro, whereas the Xbox One X would get 4K resolution and nice graphics.

The game’s publisher, Private Division, has told Windows Central that Xbox One X was enhanced, but there was nothing extra for PS4 Pro. It turns out this wasn’t quite accurate, but the online mobs had already formed and conspiracy theories were shooting around. Some of the idiots on popular hate website ResetEra theorised that Microsoft had ordered Obsidian to not enhance the PS4 Pro version of the game in order to make the Xbox One X offering more appealing. Obviously, this is ridiculous. Microsoft now owns Obsidian, but the publishing rights for The Outer Worlds lie with Private Division, not Microsoft.

Private Division has since clarified that the information given to Windows Central was not correct and that the PS4 Pro version of The Outer Worlds is enhanced. According to Private Division, the PS4 Pro upsamples to 4K from 1440p.

So there you have it. Of course, it’s not going to have the same enhancements as the Xbox One X, given that Microsoft’s mid-gen refresh is significantly more powerful, but it’s nice to see that some developer still put a little extra effort in to get the best out of the PS4 Pro.

Source: Twitter

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