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The Outer Worlds Won’t Be Enhanced For the PS4 Pro

It’s entirely up to developers as to whether they offer enhanced assets for the PlayStation 4 Pro. But it is very unusual to find a studio implementing said graphical improvements for one console and not another – in this case, The Outer Worlds and Xbox One.

But yes, that’s right. The team behind this incoming RPG have given the Microsoft edition the special treatment – namely 4K functionality – but have restricted Sony’s offering to 1080p only. The reason for which we must deduce from a rather vague statement by its publisher.

In their own words, Private Division said:

“4K on Xbox One, no enhancements for PS4 Pro.” 

And, no, we’re not paraphrasing.

Reading between the lines, it is most likely because Obsidian has become one of Microsoft’s own studios. After all, they’ve recently jumped under the Microsoft umbrella. So it’s highly likely it’s a tactic used to make the Xbox One look more attractive to prospective players. Although, with Horizon Zero Dawn, Marvel’s Spider-Man and The Last Of Us Part 1 and 2 on Sony’s side, it’s still looking a tough sell.

At least for those of us who can only afford the one.

It’s a similar situation to the release of We Happy Few, which also had its graphical facelift restricted to the Xbox game. And unfortunately it suffered at the hands of reviewers, who found fault in how it looked on the PS4 Pro. I guess you could say few were happy with that one.

Luckily, we don’t have long to wait to see whether this decision proves decisive as The Outer Worlds is released on October 25th. Keep your eyes peeled for our review!

Source: Windows Central

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