The Pathless Launch Trailer Tantalizes One Day Before Release

The Pathless is certainly a pretty game in motion, and you can play it on your PS5 or PS4 tomorrow. The new game from the developers behind ABZÛ puts you behind the bow of the Hunter. Along with her eagle, she will journey to a dark land in order to restore the light. There are ruins and forests to explore, and the game appears to have a sense of speed as the Hunter slides across the screen, firing arrows at the targets. Some of those arrows will be pointed at the monsters and the self-titled “Godslayer” from the trailer as well. (I’m sure being a Godslayer is quite the resume booster.)

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The trailer shows you more of the Hunter and combat with those monsters along with some of the music from the game. The current Metacritic score is around 81 for both the PS4 and PS5, but you should always do your due diligence and read some reviews to make sure it matches up to your standards, not the reviewers.

After watching the trailer, will The Pathless be your first PS5 game, or will you just be playing this one on your old faithful PS4?

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