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The Persistence: Complete Edition is a Free Update Coming Soon, Makes Game Playable Without PSVR

The Persistence is one of the most tense, creepy, and atmospheric games I’ve played in recent years. I reviewed it last year for the PSVR and I came away really impressed with what the developer, Firesprite, had managed to do within the confines of Sony’s virtual reality headset. Since the game’s release Firesprite has been carefully updating the game with free updates. Some have been small, minor improvements, others have added completely new game modes. All free of charge, mind you.

The new update that’s coming soon is to be the biggest one yet. For those who already own the game, the update will be completely free and will give you an extra way to play the game. The new update will make The Persistence playable without the need for a PSVR headset. And what’s more is that the game will be updated to take advantage of the extra headroom allowed by having the game running on a regular PS4/PS4 Pro without needing to accommodate the PSVR’s resource intensive requirements. This means that the game will have improved graphics over the PSVR version. According to the developers, PS4 Pro players can expect to play the game at 4K/60fps, while the regular PS4 will run the game at 1080p/60fps. Given that the game already looks impressive in the PSVR headset, I’m personally quite looking forward to seeing how the game looks and plays on my regular TV screen.

The conversion from PSVR to flat-screen play means that there will be some subtle changes. For one, the user-interface will be tweaked for TV play. Controls will also be adjusted and there’s even some extra work going into the way the camera moves in the game; in PSVR, your head is the camera, but with the flat version there will be a subtle bobbing animation to give a more immersive feeling.

It’s all sounding pretty darn good and I can see myself giving this another run once the update releases. For those who don’t have a PSVR yet, don’t sleep on The Persistence once it’s available as a regular game, as I’m sure it will be every bit as scary and fun as the virtual reality version. Plus, you won’t have the risk of browning your knickers…

Source: PlayStation Blog

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