The Persistence Physical Release is Happening Today

If you want to get one of the best horror-survival games of the generation on a disc, today is your lucky day as The Persistence gets its physical release on PS4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch today.

Originally a PSVR game, The Persistence has been re-worked to be a non-VR game, and with the change comes improvement – though it doesn’t take away from the brilliant original PSVR experience, instead, modifying it for the flat screen.

The Persistence on PS4, Xbox One and Switch features improved graphical features that weren’t possible with the PSVR version, as well as some other tweaks to the overall gameplay experience to better fit the more traditional TV-play setup.

Key features of The Persistence:

· Live, Die, reset – A doomed fate is surely imminent as a vast array of cloned monstrosities continuously repopulate the doomed starship to seek the player’s end. If any encounter with these foes proves fatal, Zimri’s consciousness is uploaded into a new host body, ready for another chance.

· Fluctuating landscape – A major malfunction to the self-configuring macrostructure will alter the starship’s layout each time a new cloned body is awakened or teleported between decks.

· Genetic reconfiguration – 26th century technologies allows for genetic augmentation and manipulation of dark matter technology. Acquire unique abilities by resequencing Zimri’s DNA to improve health, toughness, and defensive abilities. Harvest crewmember DNA and create clone bodies with their own unique abilities.

· Navigate, escape, fight and gather resources – One false move can result in an untimely death. Use the environment to sneak, hide and attack to gain the upper hand on the mutated clones. Resource gathering and weapon/suit customizations are key in order to survive.

· Asymmetric Multiplayer – Up to two players can connect a phone or tablet running iOS or Android to the game. Players can take control of ‘Solex’ to interact with the ship’s engineering systems in real-time.

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