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The Playroom VR Update 1.02 Brings Minor Improvements and New Mini Game

Update: I’m breaking the rule of using the royal “we” for this update as it’s only fair I acknowledge my error personally. Being the busy body that I am, I was too eager to try out the update for The Playroom VR that I didn’t realise I’d not let the update install. So when I booted the game up, nothing seemed different.

However, the update actually did add something significant: a new mini game called Toy Wars that can be played alone or with up to 3 friends. So it is a substantial update, despite what my words below say. So go ahead and get in your virtual Playroom and give it a go. Also, feel free to have a laugh at my expense.

Original Story:

If you’ve still got the free PSVR game The Playroom VR installed on your PS4, you may have noticed that it has received an update today.

The new update, version 1.02, isn’t all that exciting. The patch notes simply state that “this update brings minor improvements to the game” and nothing else. There are no details on what aspects have been improved and, after having donned the PSVR headset this evening, your host for this article can’t see anything that stands out. Basically, it’s a non-story but we’re running it anyway to keep those who insist on knowing in the loop.

So, yeah. It has an update. It’s nothing special and you’ll probably not notice anything different. Would have been nice to see a few new mini games though…

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