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The PlayStation 5’s Super Quick Launch System Could Be Under Threat

There’s no denying that the PlayStation 5 will benefit from many advancements in technology. For example, better frame rate capabilities and SSD storage. However, the biggest improvement has got to be in the increased possibilities when it comes to the core gameplay – you know, load times and the like. This is something Sony has also been exploiting, promising us the potential for rich and immersive worlds. But there’s a catch.

A catch that could be exploited by some studios to keep costs down.

You see, all this talk of optimisation means nothing if it isn’t done by the development teams themselves whilst they’re creating the games. But all that optimisation will cost them in the long term. So, it isn’t too difficult to imagine some teams may decide to keep things similar to how they are now, leaving the file sizes quite large and unoptimised. Something that even the PlayStation 5 will struggle to improve.

That means, any unoptimised games released on the console could run similarly to games now – making the promise of “quick-to-load” boot ups a thing of fantasy. And just in case you’re thinking, “Surely, the PlayStation 5 could handle a game that’s created similarly to those now”, remember the increased graphical capabilities that will be accompanying the console.

PlayStation 5 games – unoptimised or otherwise – will be bigger by default and ask a lot more from the hardware than any previous generation. So, it’s that increased demand that will slow the console down because they’re composed of unoptimised PlayStation 5 files. Or as technical director Mika Vehkala put it:

“Since more data can be now used there can also be cases where production might be cheaper and faster when not optimising content, which will lead into having to load much more data, leading back into a situation where you have about the same loading times as today.” 

Hopefully we won’t see too much of this in practice. But if money’s tight, it could become a common tactic and crop up in reviews as they drop. So, keep your eyes peeled next year – that’s if these extra seconds mean a lot to you.

Source: GamesRadar

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