The PlayStation VR Brings Santa Some Cheer in Official Commercial

The PlayStation VR Brings Santa Some Cheer in Official Commercial

Sony and PlayStation are known for their epic, charming, and sometimes weird commercials. Today they released one that could probably meet the latter two categories. It’s all about our holly jolly friend and how he “couldn’t give a flying reindeer” thanks to the monotony of his job. One has to think that the greatest gift isn’t a child’s laughter then. Regardless, as Santa is delivering presents to one house he realizes they have a PS VR. Naturally he puts it on and has the time of his life before his merriment wakes up the home owners. You can check out the official commercial thanks to Europe’s PlayStation division above.

The PlayStation VR launched on October 13th of this year to critical acclaim. Even we were impressed with how well the peripheral handled. The only question left is what titles was Santa playing before he received the boot? What virtual reality games have you been playing? Let us know in the comments below.

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