The PS Vita is Officially Dead, R.I.P Vita

Yes, that’s one of the more morbid headlines you’ll read on Pure PlayStation. But it’s true: The PlayStation Vita has been officially declared dead by its creator, Sony.

Sony made a small announcement over on the Japanese PlayStation Blog to say that the console is no longer being produced. Right now there are as many PS Vita consoles in the world as there will ever be, and that number will only shrink as it succumbs to time, butter fingers, and reckless kids.

In reality, the console has been dead for a while. Released way back in 2012, the PS Vita didn’t exactly get off to the best of starts. The price of entry was really high, the memory cards were a gun to the Vita’s head, and Sony dropping first-part support after a couple of years was the click of the pistol.

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Personally, I’ve always loved the PS Vita. It was the little machine that could. Back when it released it was some groundbreaking stuff. It had two analogue sticks, touchscreen, a rear touchpad, and it could play PS4 games via Remote Play. It really did seem like the perfect little handheld console. Alas, it was not meant to be. After weak sales during the console’s first couple of years on the shelves, the big publishers pulled support and left market open to indies and weird Japanese games. Also, the hardware was outpaced by smartphones really, really quickly – something that didn’t help in a world where smartphones were doing everything a dedicated handheld could do, and more.

Rest in peace, little Vita, you were taken too soon.

Source: PlayStation Blog Japan

Source: Gematsu

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