The PS5 Is Outperforming the PS4 With Gamers Logging More Playtime and Spending

The PlayStation 5 may be having stock issues. But the console is still managing to outperform its predecessor on a number of fronts. Its performance is in no doubt helped by the global lockdowns that have resulted in us all having a lot more free time on our hands. However, it also means the majority of consoles have found their way into gamers’ hands, too – one way or another. 

The sales performance of the PlayStation 5 has been compared to the PlayStation 4 – like for like – for the first time since its launch. And it can now be reported that the latest console has far outperformed the last generation’s hardware. However, we must remember that the current ‘lockdown’ climate has only helped it in that achievement with us all spending many more hours with a controller in our hands (will they ever look the same again?).

Still, it’s a win-win for Sony.

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Statistics, published on Wired, are saying that PlayStation 5 owners have played 81% more than their comparable PlayStation 4 owners during the same window after its launch. But this has been credited to the backwards compatibility function, which has allowed us to make the jump even if we have games to finish, and a stronger selection of games available either at launch or soon after. Saying that, though, the new console has also sold 11% more units in the same amount of time – meaning it really has done well.

But can you imagine what these figures would have been had the stock issues have not prevailed?

With such strong consumer engagement, Sony must be poised to have a very strong year. And I’m sure there are already plans in place to take advantage of such an audience. Let’s just hope it means even more good things will come our way as gamers  – after all, we are behind this (commercially beneficial) surge.

Source: Wired

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