The PS5’s M.2 Storage Expansion Slot Will Be Disabled at Launch

If you were hoping to buy more storage for your fancy PS5 in a week, slow your horses. The Spawn Wave Plus YouTube channel is reporting on an article from the Verge in which Sony confirms the M.2 storage expansion slot will be disabled until it’s enabled by a later update. We saw how easy it would be to add more storage to the PS5 in the recent teardown video from Sony, but installing it is the easy part.

For now, Sony has not released a list of compatible drives. The Verge reached out to multiple manufacturers who believe some of their products will reach speeds faster than 5.5GB/sec to qualify, but some of them indicated that the testing has not even begun. Mark Cerny mentioned testing would be necessary, because the PS5‘s SSD is faster than most, if not all, of the drives on the market at the time. Just like Maverick in Top Gun, the PS5 has a need for speed, since slower drives can’t push enough of that sweet, sweet data.

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If you are looking at the size of next-gen games and wondering how roughly a little over 660 GB is going to fare, it’s going to be like putting on a meat bikini and jumping into a shark tank. It won’t last long. Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales is going to be 50GB and 105GB if you have the Ultimate Edition with last gen’s Spider-Man. Demon’s Souls is around 66GB.

While we wait for more speedy storage, you can hook up a USB drive and play your PS4 games. Spawn Wave suggested you can move your games back and forth this way and keep what you want on the internal storage. It will take some storage discipline, but I’m going to go out on a limb and say no one who has a PS5 will have a lot of reason to complain in the beginning. They will still have a PS5, and you are more likely to find Bigfoot in the wild than one of those in a week.

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