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The PSOne Resident Evil 3 Soundtrack Is Coming Out On Vinyl

Resident Evil is enjoying a revival, of sorts, what with its remakes and the like. But now another product has been announced that is designed to tempt the most hardcore (and coolest) of fans. That item is a vinyl record, comprising of the original soundtrack from Resident Evil 3. And it’s scheduled to release around the same time as the PlayStation 4 remake.

However, its tracks are anything but new.

That’s because the track list will comprise of the original soundtrack – not the tunes that will feature in this re-release. Although, they will have enjoyed a bit of fine tuning to make them acceptable in this day and age. A remaster of their own, you could say. But the underlying harmonies will definitely remain the same.

What’s more, this cool addition to anyone’s collection will boast a vibrant purple hue (if you’re lucky enough to get your hands on the limited edition copy) and reside within an impressively designed sleeve, created by the artist Boris Moncel – this piece of art should be available separately, if you ask me, in a frame or as a poster. Not that I’d hang it anywhere I’d see at night, though…

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Officially, the description reads:

The soundtrack has been remastered specifically for this release, and will be pressed onto audiophile-quality, 180g heavyweight vinyl LPs housed in a striking gatefold sleeve. It is available as a Standard Edition (traditional black discs) and Limited Edition (purple discs — exclusive to the Laced Records store.)

The pre-order pages can be found here. However, on following the link you’ll notice that this isn’t the first Resident Evil vinyl release by Laced Records. Or even the first game inspired collection. So, maybe this is just the start of your vinyl revival. Records are, after all, addictive. Not to mention, offer a far better sound than any of today’s offering.

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