The PSP Is Losing Access To The PS Store This March

The PSP Is Losing Access To The PS Store This March

Remember the PSP? We sure hope you do, after all it was a cracking piece of hardware, despite the advent of the UMD – which can only be described as tragic. Well, Sony is finally pulling the curtain down on the PSP and shutting off its access to the PlayStation Store on the 31st of March, however at the moment we only know that it will be losing access in the USA, but other regions are sure to follow soon after.

You probably have some questions such as:

  1. What will happen to my digital games? You’ll still be able to re-download any previously purchased games through the PSP’s ‘Download List’.
  2. What if I hear about some super amazing awesome DLC that I must have? The good news is you’ll still be able to purchase DLC through the games themselves.
  3. Will PSP games still be available on the PS Vita’s store? Yes.

There you have it, if you you want to buy new games for your PSP post March 2016 you’ll have to scrounge around eBay for those silly UMDs. However, there is another choice, you could always purchase yourself a slick new PS Vita. Trust us they’re very good!

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