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The PSVR Camera Adaptor For the PS5 Has Been Delayed For Some Gamers

It’s probably to be expected considering the console itself is in very limited supply. But Sony are also struggling to meet the demand for the PSVR Camera Adaptor, which allows you to use the little device on their next generation console. As early as November, the company were urging players to apply for one online – for free – and told to expect a wait of up to five weeks. But some gamers have today stated they’re still waiting.

Which must be really annoying considering we’ve all got this extra free time at the moment.

The worst case wait seems to be hitting a whole two months in duration – even though others are receiving the adaptor in little over a fortnight. And more worryingly is the fact it seems to be a logistical problem affecting all regions of the world, rather than being limited in area. That makes it a little harder to pinpoint the problem and to work out a solution.

However, the Reddit thread does at least show that many people are receiving it in the end. It seems we just need to show a little patience once that confirmation email has pinged into our inboxes. But it’s hard to imagine Sony couldn’t foresee this demand – just as it’s hard to see how they were caught out by the console’s. To me, if you own a PSVR, there’s a big chance you will be upgrading your console, so why not simply work to the theory that all headsets sold is equal to the number of adaptors wanted?

Source: Reddit

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