The Realm of Magic Brings Abra Cadabra To The Sims 4

The Sims is a series defined by its selection of expansions. And this statement has never been truer ever since the developers extracted a number of key mechanics and packaged them in their own DLC sets (toddlers, I’m looking at you!). But we are now being gifted a new bundle of content, all related to the theme of “magic”. The only snag is us console players will have to wait until October to give the Realm of Magic a run through.

However, it is already receiving positive reviews from the PC community so it should be more than worth the wait.

The characters follow a similar mechanic to the blood thirsty vampires. But in order to cast a spell, you will have to go in search of specific ingredients (anyone know the way to Diagon Alley?). However, this will be anything but tedious as your local “potions pantry” is based in an all new in-game location, called Glimmerbrook. Which is also home to a portal that leads to the Magic Realm.

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Here you’ll find magic schools and dueling grounds positioned amongst three floating islands. They will teach you spells, both for practical use and mischief, whilst also arming you with useful potions – think “love finder” and “death defier”. A magical protector can also be assigned to watch your six when you and your wand are otherwise engaged.

In addition, a variety of wands and brooms will also be added to The Sims 4 inventory – but that was a given, right?

The Realm of Magic expansion pack swooshes on to consoles October 15th. And unfortunately there is no potion to make it sooner. Will you be robing up for the occasion? 

Source: Game Rant

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