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The Sharpshooter is the Newest Class for Torchlight III

The hack ‘n’ slash looter Torchlight III announced a new class today. The Sharpshooter will pack a unique bow to accurately pick off enemies at range and summon spirits to attack and provide debuffs. According to the game’s official blog, they eventually settled on her being “a bit of a scoundrel” for the final feeling and design. Unlike some of the bulkier classes, she is nimble and quick, but able to dish out accurate punishment for anything within the range of her bow.

From the beginning, her design path was focused on a ranged class, but not knowing exactly what form that might take. The design team worked on different ideas and eventually settled on the use of trinkets to give greater impact to the bow skills. The Sharpshooter can use other rifles and pistols, but only she has the required skill to use the bow. The Concept art team wasn’t given many details at first, and the blog shows her transitioning from the early days and giant hats to the current look. If you like seeing how an idea goes from concept to final, it’s a great read.

Set hundreds of years after Torchlight II, Torchlight III will take players back to dank and deadly dungeons to fight monsters and other Netherim invaders of the Ember Empire. You’ll collect epic loot and tons of gear in randomly generated areas across Novastraia as one of four classes. Pets are coming back for the third installment, and you’ll even be able to build your own fort.

For now, Torchlight III is only confirmed for PC, but, with Torchlight II on the PlayStation Store, It’s an easy bet it will be on the PS4 (or PS5) at some point too. We just need to wait.

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