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The Suicide of Rachel Foster Announced for Release on August 26th

The strange environment we are in right now has led to some surprise game announcements. The Suicide of Rachel Foster is one of those surprises, and it’s releasing next week. Set in an abandoned hotel in Montana in 1993, main character, Nicole, will explore the hotel and try to uncover the circumstances around the death of a teenage girl. Driven by the last wish of her dying mother, she will uncover her family’s darkest secrets and the depth of her father’s involvement.

She won’t be alone. While she’s trapped in the hotel due to fierce snowstorm, she will communicate with a FEMA agent. Between talks, she’ll investigate for clues with decisions that will impact the game’s ending. The game will also have binaural audio which, after googling what that is, sounds really cool. They record the audio using two mics to give a 3D sound that replicates the sound as if you were hearing it in person. It may be best to play the game with a good set of headphones.

I’ve watched the trailer a couple of times, and I would recommend you give it a watch too. It feels dark and mysterious, and uncovering dark family pasts may be a story that never gets old for me. If you want to dig into the details of a suicide (or murder?), The Suicide of Rachel Foster will release on August 26th.

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