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The Surge 2 Gets More Weapons in New DLC

The Surge 2

The Surge 2 is a game not many people are talking about anymore. So in an attempt to get those tongues wagging, Deck13 have outlined their plans for DLC. And the best part is we won’t have to wait long as they are eyeing up a January release for the story extension with the rest of the goodies becoming available between now and then.

But what exactly will you get?

Well, 13 new weapons for starters. Along with exclusive access to the so-called BORAX-I Quantum Mace and four new gear sets. But only the mace will be available to start with as the remainder are dropped over the weeks and months to come – the weapons are scheduled for November, the gear December.

However, it’s the story DLC that promises to shake things up the most. It’s just a shame they’re saving the best until last – or until January, at least.

This will comprise of a whole new district – an aircraft carrier, nonetheless – populated with a bunch of new enemies and bosses. Finally,

The techno-crazed citizens of Jericho City are crafting fresh killing tools and exo-suit attachments all the time. To acquire these new sets, players must find these mad pioneers and tear the prize from their bodies.

The Season Pass is available to buy now on the PlayStation Store and will grant you access to all of the above. However, it’s priced at €/$19.99 which may prove off-putting for some – especially as there’s only the one extra narrative added to the base game. As a result, I wouldn’t expect to see much of a surge in demand. But feel free to prove me wrong.

If you’re a souls can, though, be sure to check out our review – The Surge 2 might just surprise you!

Source: Focus Forum

The Surge 2

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