The Surge 2 Public Enemy Weapon Pack DLC Out Now on PS4

The Surge 2

There is a bunch of new, deadly weapons available today in Deck 13’s fantastic souls-like scrapper, The Surge 2. The first DLC drop for The Surge 2 is called The Public Enemy Weapon Pack, and it includes 13 different weapons across eight different weapon categories. If you’re a Season Pass holder, this DLC won’t cost you any extra pennies; it’ll just be ready to download and install at your choosing.

It won’t be as easy as that, though. If you actually want the weapons, you’re going to have to work for them. You’ll have to explore Jericho City’s most deplorable places to find those who still wield them. Then you’ll smash their heads in and nick their gear. Hopefully.

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More DLC is set to arrive soon. December will see the release of some new sets of cutting-edge gears for your exo-rig, and they’ll be included as part of The Surge 2’s Season Pass. January 2020 will bring even more content in the form of ‘The Kraken’ DLC, which will bring a narrative-driven adventure in a brand new location with new baddies and bosses to fight.

The Surge 2 Season Pass is available via the PlayStation Store for $19.99. Individual DLCs will set you back $4.99, so maybe it’s worth getting the Season Pass.

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