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The Survivalists Lights a Fire on PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on October 9th

Team17 has announced that it will be releasing its upcoming game, The Survivalists, on October 9th, 2020 for PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

To mark the occasion, Team17 has also put together a nice little trailer for the release date announcement, and what’s more is that there’s a free demo if you want to sample the survivor’s life before getting castaway at full price. However, the demo is only available on Nintendo Switch and PC.

Pre-orders are live, though not on PS4. If you want to pre-order the PS4 version, you can only pre-order the physical edition. If you’re on Xbox One, PC, or Nintendo Switch, you can pre-order the game to get the Monkey Business DLC pack for no extra cost. It’ll give you additional accessories for stranded characters as well as six extra hats for your primate pals to wear. Because who doesn’t want to make their monkey mates look cool, eh?

Key Features:

  • Play together and survive: Up to four players can join forces to explore the world of The Survivalists, helping each other out to stay alive
  • Get crafty and be inventive: Various items great and small can be crafted, from weapons to tools and buildings to keep your crew sheltered
  • Automate with monkeys: Enlist the help of monkeys for a number of tasks, including protecting your group and gathering resources
  • Curiosity is rewarded: Players are encouraged to explore their surroundings, where they’ll encounter dangerous wildlife, mythical enemies, and tantalising secrets.

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